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Beauty Face Capsules

This product can regulate metabolism, improve systemic microcirculation, and make you beautiful from inside to outside. It also can promote blood circulation to remove stasis, ameliorate systemic blood circulation, enrich the blood, regulate endocrine secretion, regulate menstruation, enhance liver, regulate the flow of qi, resist oxidation, and remove freckles. It is the optimal combination of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine. Beauty face capsules takes full use of herbaceous essence, and is made of radix rehmanniae, white peony root, safflower, peach kernel, radix bupleuri, chuanxiong rhizome, Vitamin C and Vitamin E.


  • Calm conditions in the liver and regulates the flow of Qi, remove toxic substances.
  • Promotes blood circulation and eliminates dermatitis stagnant blood.
  • Fight free radicals, removes stains and rejuvenates the skin, providing elasticity and tone.
  • Improves irregular menstrual cycles.


  • Product produced using as a scientific theoretical guide the conservation of traditional Chinese beauty, combined with high technology.
  • Its main ingredients include Bupleuri Root, Rhizome of Chuanxione, White Peony Root, safflower plant, plant Angelica, Peach Seed, Vitamin C and E.
  • Contains Vitamin C that controls the oxidation of dopa and prevents the formation of excess melanin, as well as vitamin E, which controls the oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids, promoting circulation and retard aging.

Recommended for:

  • Persons with chloasma.
  • Persons with poor elasticity and luster of skin.
  • Persons with freckles and pigmentation in skin.
  • Persons with poor body constitution.
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